How To Make Money with Online Surveys

How To Make Money with Online Surveys

In the past, paid online surveys have gotten a bad reputation. This can be contributed, in part, to the fraudulent survey hosts that run obvious scams. You know the type. They want you to complete four hundred different offers – that usually end up costing you money – before they pay you the $2 they promised. No survey or combination of surveys is likely to pay you enough for you to get rich.  However, if you know what to look for, taking part in surveys is a great, easy way to make a little residual income on the side. Here are some tips to get you started with partaking in online paid online surveys.

*Skim and scan the results for the surveys that offer the largest return on the smallest investment. For example, if a 30 minute survey offers $3 while a 10 minute survey offers $10, choose the latter instead.

*Seek out nationally known companies. A paid survey conducted by a merchant such as Sears is less likely to be a scam than one conducted by a merchant no one has ever heard of.

*Never pay to take a survey. This means do not subscribe to anything, nor pay anyone any monies at all whatsoever. Charging people for surveys or requiring memberships to different organizations in order to be paid for the survey is one of the biggest scams out there.

You can clearly earn some income taking online surveys but it does take some time to get the higher paying surveys.  At first, you will receive the smaller paying surveys, but don’t get discouraged.  This is where most people drop off, but don’t get discouraged.  It’s a way for the survey companies to filter out those that aren’t really committed to completing online surveys.  What most don’t realize is that this dollar amount increases over time.  Once you’ve established a relationship and a reputation with the online survey companies as someone that submits accurate surveys, does them regularly, they will send you the better paying surveys and you can ignore the lower paying ones.  The process may take several months.

The advantages of taking paid online surveys is that you can do them whenever your schedule allows for it and from the convenience of your home.

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